The Metahelion Official Data Policy:

We will securely store your project’s data for the duration of the project’s post production. Included in the budget of your project is local storage space. We highly recommend you purchase your own Data Storage device, such as an eSata, USB2, or Firewire800 external drive to store the entire project’s files as a backup. While we take data management very seriously, we are not responsible for data loss.

At the end of your project, Metahelion will locally keep a Full Resolution copy of the finished movie file only, but not the files that make up the project. If you would like an entire project backup to your drive, this service is available for free. If you ever wish to change the project in the future, it is your responsibility to maintain, backup, and store your project’s hard drives. If you ever need just a fresh export of the project movie file, we can do that from the Full Resolution copy that we keep.